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29 JAN 2019

IT security expert: what he does, professions and certifications

What does an IT security expert do? This question is so general that it is like asking a specialist doctor what they do without knowing their...

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22 JAN 2019

Architectures and extensions of computer networks

When we talk about computer networks, we need to focus on two fundamental aspects: architectures: peer-to-peer and client-server; extensions. ...

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16 JAN 2019

The best antivirus for Android: free and paid

The topic of antivirus for Android is particularly hot today. Android is an operating system derived from Linux, very stable and well organized. Let...

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19 DEC 2018

Topologies of computer networks

Last week we analyzed the typologies of computer networks, this week, we will look deeper their topologies. In fact, there are different ones. In...

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