Who We Are

Consulthink has been operating in the ICT market (Information and Communications Technology) since 2004, combining technological and business skills with extensive consulting experience, gained with major companies in both the public and private sectors.
We specialize in providing; consultancy services, the design and development of solutions,

in particular in the field of Security and Big Data, as well as in the implementation of platforms of high technological content.

We operate mainly in the Enterprise market in the areas of Public Administration, Utilities and Telephone Operators.

Our Offer is constantly enriched by Research and Development laboratories. Our Offer is innovative and customizable, and focuses on five main areas:






Our History

13 years of growth


  • Development with "Agile" methodologies
  • Search Engines (Exaled) in PA
  • Safety Data Base (Imperva) in PA
  • Mobile Security for Telco


  • Social and Semantic in PA
  • Digital Signage on Ports
  • Mobile Security Lab
  • Internationalization (Abu Dhabi / Dubai)
  • INTEREG Project (Italy, Greece and Albania)


  • Rebranding and transformation in S.p.A.
  • EUCIP / e-CF competence center
  • Forensics in PA (NetWitness)
  • Multimedia windows in PA
  • Research projects funded on Open Data / Open Service
  • Research projects on Secure Mobile Device Management
  • ISO 27001


  • Internationalization (Guatemala)
  • Data Mining in PA
  • Dashboard for monitoring data access for PA
  • Mobile Security in PA
  • Security Audit of TELCO infrastructure
  • Python Development
  • Adoption of the Research Consortium "Digital Regions"
  • Research project on Virtual Social Semantic Assistant
  • Predictive Analysis and Fraud Management

Our values

Owing to our technological expertise, our constant desire to evolve and our perseverance in the face of new market challenges, Consulthink is now able to express those values that allow it to deal positively with the demanding realities of the ICT market.

We have always paid great attention to innovation, seeking to anticipate the use of new technology in Italy by way of our dedicated Research and Development Laboratory. Furthermore, among our highest priorities are understanding our clients’ business processes, our decision-making and operational skills, our economic and financial strength expressed by a high solvency rating, as well as our focus on the development of specialized skills for our entire team.

We aim to be a reliable partner and a reference point for our customers. We follow a comprehensive approach based on knowledge of the needs and processes of the customer, to understand and penetrate their daily production by solving problems and anticipating new needs with highly innovative solutions and services.

Our commitment to the satisfaction of our customers is daily and enduring. At least 70% of our customers have been with us for at least eight years.

The Research and Development Unit, in which the company invests about 10% of revenues, collaborates with major Italian Universities and Research Institutes of ICT innovation projects, in order to always stay abreast of technological developments. This allows for the creation of new skills and designing and testing in our laboratories, new services / solutions, in anticipation of market needs, today on technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, NFC.