26 OCT 2018

There is strength in unity: TGT network of companies meets

Last month the TGT network of companies met to share their latest news with the other companies of the network.

TGT is the acronym of ToGetThere, a network of companies created in 2016 that brings together 20 SMEs of the ICT market. The goal of the network of companies is to escape the isolation that characterizes some companies, especially small and medium ones, to understand the importance of working together: together, companies can approach markets with more decisiveness and security, together, an offer can be improved and enriched to compete with the big players, together, more results can be achieved.

“Achieving results together”, this is the message of this network of ICT companies.

The companies in the network are: 3Net, Aresoft, Bas Consulting, Clariter, Comp.Sys, Consulthink, Iagica, Digital Video, Enginfo Consulting, Eidos, Fata Informatica, GT50, Isimply Consulting, Land, Major Bit Consulting, Mediavoice, Omnitech, Sincrono X, Sinrfin-Pa and Solving Team.

More than 1000 resources to share, with many years of skills and experience in many fields such as: cloud, IT security, predictive and anti-fraud analysis, software development, training, consulting, digitalization, graphic design, contact center, mobile, quality testing, customer experience, systems and infrastructures management, speech technology, research and development, digital marketing and many others. This network of companies has more than 20 certifications and is made up of companies that already provide services in various markets such as Public Administration, healthcare, telecommunications, defense, insurance, energetic, industrial, bank, postal, utilities and transport.


During the day dedicated to the meeting, each company briefly presented itself, illustrating its services and projects. In addition, all the companies underlined the importance of being part of a network of companies and each of them stated that it is willing to share its know-how, professionalism, skills, resources and experience with the network. This is because: as they say: “There is strength in unity”.

TGT, la rete d'imprese ICT, si riunisce

Elaborated by Lucia D’Adamo