01 JUN 2017

Successes and new challenges of Consulthink: Il Sole 24 Ore

Consulthink has emerged as an important company specializing in ICT solutions in Lazio, according to Il Sole 24 Ore, one must take note of what Maria Rosaria Carotenuto says. She is the CEO of Consulthink, a leader in the ICT sector. Dr. Carotenuto tells us what makes Consulthink a success: “The commitment, the seriousness and the flexibility of our staff” and thus the company “has been able to capture customers in search of maximum security of their data or highly innovative solutions “.

Another strong point for Consulthink, Dr. Carotenuto says, is the constant investment in Research and Development that allows the company to keep up the pace and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow:

“What the R&D Department is working on at this time is the prediction of computer attacks: The importance of a good security system should not be based solely on the ability to react to attacks. What we have understood and we are working on is that attacks must be prevented and especially predicted, through analysis and monitoring work that we are able to provide with specialized technicians, combining security expertise and data analysis. In fact, Consulthink has decided to open its R & D labs to some customers, institutions and partners in such a way as to exchange information and advice to be ready to handle crisis situations. The importance of this department is also due to the investment in it of over 10% of revenues and collaboration with Italian Universities. To stay up-to-date, it is important to attend international fairs and events for this reason, at the beginning of January, Consulthink took part in the Silicon Valley Consumer Electronics Show, displaying new solutions to be made available to its customers.”

Edited by Lucia D’Adamo, supervised by Marco Pirrone