Research & Development – Social Semantics

The unit of Research & Development is working on “BS2R – Beyond Social Semantic Recommendation”, a PIA, POR FESR 2013 project based on a “Social Semantic Search” platform to which Consulthink, CRS4 and the “Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica ed Elettronica” (Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics) of the University of Cagliari have been working since the spring of 2016 and whose end is scheduled for April 2018.

BS2R platform represents an “intelligent” search engine that analyzes the behaviors and the web searches made by “authoritative” and “trusted” users and anticipates their possible interests by suggesting them “potentially useful” contents, helping them to orientate themselves among the myriad of obtainable results. Who, during the research, has actually found that a content is interesting, suggests it, explicitly or implicitly, to his own contacts. The latter is going to be “directed” towards such information by viewing it in the first positions of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) pages.

At the basis of social interaction facilitated by the platform, there are mechanisms of TrustRank that measure the relationships between users and resources and the evolution of the social correlation engine AVIC (project resulting from the work on the announcement financed POR SARDEGNA 2000 – 2006 MISURA 3.13) that considers and studies the issues related to Social Networking and integrates itself with open source Knowledge Management systems to manage business knowledge in an unified way. Besides, the platform exploits social and semantic technologies to allow correlations between documents and users.

The project has remarkable characteristics of uniqueness and originality and its purpose is the creation of a platform that allows to formalize explicit knowledge and to enhance the implicit one, that knowledge which is difficult to encode, store and transmit, but which is a personal patrimony of experience – working or not – extremely important and useful. Therefore, the project intends to be able to catalog and manage the huge and growing amount of data that companies daily produce and improve internal business communication. To be precise, it is not just a matter of storing data, but of creating a system that can guarantee its authoritativeness, quality and reliability through social-semantic algorithms.

BS2R intends to overcome problems and limits related to the use of social networks, such as access to data under the control of third party and cultural hesitations associated with the use of social networks in the business. The platform is developed for the corporate reality, not for a non-global one. This means that employees do not need to sign up for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social networks.

The work is distributed between Consulthink which deals with the development of the platform, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics of the University of Cagliari which deals with image semantics (for the development of techniques useful for analyzing visual content in order to be relevant to the social interactions of the network) and the CRS4 that deals with the semantics of textual content developing tools of Computational Linguistics, a discipline that with automatic tools studies human language and defines algorithms to extract meaning from the texts analyzed.


In the picture, BS2R logo.

Logo del progetto di Consulthink intitolato "BS2R"