Cloud & DevOps

Consulthink offers itself as the partner of choice to guide companies and organizations wanting to improve their Application Lifecycle Management to make it more effective and closer in line with opportunities offered by new technology trends (Cloud) and methodologies (DevOps) which improve the synergy between Development and Operations departments.

Most importantly, the DevOps is a cultural movement which invites software developers (Dev team) and members of the Ops team (their activities are connected with the production and operation of the software) to collaborate and communicate. Thanks to the collaboration between our professionals, Consulthink develops more efficient applications and services in less time with the ultimate goal of satisfying the end user. In this way Consulthink Clients obtain a greater competitiveness in the market.

The DevOps is not an evolution of Agile methodology, but emerged from it: in a context such as  Consulthink where this methodology is widely used, implementing the DevOps allows Consulthink to achieve outstanding results. In fact, we are able to reduce the risks of software malfunctions, and of continuous and huge changes to the application as well.  This is possible because from the start our Dev Team and Ops Team work in synergy and they are always aware of what is happening in the other team. Obviously, we are also able to sustain companies which are still working in a traditional environment, and illustrate to them the advantages obtained using a DevOps methodology, encouraging them towards innovation.

Thanks to the development model of the “continuous delivery”, a fundamental feature of DevOps methodology, our software developers are able to analyze more in-depth updates, detecting any problems to be corrected. In this situation, changes to the code of the application are applied to a build, then tested and approved by our DevOps group, after which they are ready for release into production. This process flows automatically. Testing includes many parameters, such as API reliability, interfaces and loading.

We specialize in Cloud services, services which support DevOps methodology, especially in their PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) sense. Cloud technology lightens the work load for the Ops Team, leaving them time to develop applicative and managerial knowledge, skills which were not necessary in the past, but which are clearly very useful now. In this way, Consulthink offers Clients new and more innovative solutions.
Our DevOps Evangelist, DevOps Architects and Security Experts offer support to companies approaching this new way of thinking about IT.