Big Data, Development & Data Integration

Consulthink is able to rapidly develop Enterprise type applications of different technologies, such as Java, .Net, Ruby, Python and Open Source software. We develop applications on the Internet / Intranet, E-Government, Mobile, both on standard software architectures, as well as ‘software as a service models’ (SAAS).  Development is based on Agile methodologies and standards and supported by a Project Management Suite strongly oriented towards collaborative products.

We use the methodology DevOps and we can support customers who wish to follow this new development paradigm.
We specialize in creating highly innovative software in the areas of semantics, Enterprise Social Network, Sentiment Analysis and Big Data. In the latter area we collaborate with major Enterprise customers to create Predictive Analysis systems, Fraud Management, Data Integration, Data Quality and Business Intelligence with the aim to extract and highlight information of interest to support the decision-making process.