26 MAR 2018

IT security services and systems: how to build an effective business strategy

Today more than ever, IT security and the protection of company data are indispensable for the survival of a company. An attack can have huge consequences for their business. For this reason, companies must have a security plan and must rely on expert professionals who are able to plan a data defense suitable for company activities and its customers.


Consulthink’s offerings in the IT security field is extremely complete: Consulthink deals mainly with technological services, the areas of governance and compliance as well as the supply of specialized professional services. Our specialization in the field of mobile security is particularly relevant.


Consulthink’s proposal on IT security provides for the use of managed services, meaning that clients do not need specific infrastructures or knowledge. At the same time clients can use the most modern technologies such as, machine learning and Big Data analysis to minimize costs and impact.


Regarding basic IT security, such as perimeter security, firewalls, antispam systems and URL filtering, Consulthink possesses the know-how and the experience to identify the customers’ real needs and can provide the most suitable, appropriate and effective solutions. The ideal strategy is created based on the needs and characteristics of the company, but proper basic IT security management provides at least perimeter security and defense systems against malware.


Regarding strategy, the approach is proactive to IT security. The strategy is developed using early warning tools, network traffic analysis solutions and the possibility of drawing on a large number of highly qualified resources. This allows our business customers to implement particularly effective proactive security frameworks.

Specifically, when we talk about security systems based on log analysis, this is traditionally done through dedicated tools (SIEM). Consulthink is involved in the development of innovative solutions based on machine learning and AI techniques to enable the best use of this information.

For the classification of vulnerabilities and therefore the vulnerability assessment, the tests are carried out according to standard reference principles, guaranteeing to our customers repeatable, standardized and easily interpretable results.

When we talk about data security and privacy policy, Consulthink supports companies in evolving and adapting to standards thanks to its skills supporting its own customers on compliance issues, especially with regard to GDPR, ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS.

Elaborated by Lucia D’Adamo, in collaboration with Alberto Caporro, supervised by Marco Pirrone