18 SEP 2018

Hybrid Cloud & Secure DevOps Team: Consulthink IT professional team

DevOps, GDPR, IT security, cloud: this is Consulthink

The last few years have been very interesting for Consulthink. A new headquarters, new resources confirming the desire of excellence in a company that makes dynamism and expertise its strength, and a new institutional website which provides the opportunity to share and the best of corporate knowledge in the most innovative areas and the most pressing issues currently present on the international IT market.

We have written about methodologies, introducing the concept of DevOps, we have described the features that the Cloud phenomenon has been taking on in recent years and we have identified the challenges of IT security, one of the skills that most distinguishes Consulthink in the field of IT security companies.

We have confronted one of the most important themes of this year: GDPR, the new European privacy law, explaining and applying it in operational contexts such as the compliance of a website and e-mail marketing to improve and facilitate its understanding.


Culture of sharing: essential for Consulthink and DevOps

Our experts have dealt with these topics believing in the “culture of sharing“, a fundamental element for DevOps methodology and a pillar on which Consulthink corporate culture is based.


Hybrid Cloud & Secure DevOps Team: what’s this?

In view of what it has already accomplished, it is only natural for Consulthink to evolve the way in which it supports its customers and partners even further in facing the demanding challenges of modern IT, bringing together the best elements, in their respective fields, in a multidisciplinary team which allows it to face the new challenges with a vision and  complete competence in all  of these aspects:

  • methodological: examining and developing the themes of DevOps and Lean;
  • technological: acquiring certifications and skills on the best cloud platforms and on new technologies related to application containerization and serverless;
  • security: with certification and vertical studies on the problems of “defense and data security” that Cloud imposes with the concept of “shared responsibility”.

The result of this mix was the birth of the “Hybrid Cloud & Secure DevOps Team”, a group of IT professionals with consolidated experience and a specific training.

A team of “hands-on” experts of their field, able to take advantage of modern technologies, both in Cloud and customer infrastructures, to make the implementation and/or use of IT services more effective, exploiting Secure DevOps methodologies to improve the time to market and, at the same time, to regularly govern the security of data and information, in terms of control and proactive verification, both during the design and implementation of the services and during their operation.

The team is already working to guarantee the best current methodological and technological practices to company systems and it is supporting some of our most important institutional clients to concretely and correctly approach consolidation, cost optimization and safe migration themes of their systems towards more effective environments and infrastructures for their business needs. An important focus is always on coaching and mentoring aspects of the client’s staff, by use of the “sharing culture”, preparatory to the real and effective use of the new tools introduced.

Hybrid Cloud & Secure DevOps Team professionals are available to those who want to improve their approach on these issues or desire more information. Send us your questions using the contact form of the website and we will be happy to help you. If, instead, we have intrigued you and you want to join our team, consult our job vacancies!

Elaborated by Lucia D’Adamo and Pasquale Camastra