11 DEC 2017

Future Start: Consulthink makes a toast to the future with its customers

Presenting the new headquarters, giving its customers and partners a pleasant, immersive and interactive experience, toasting with them to the future, telling them about our daily commitment, our solutions and achievements, these were the watchwords of the event of November 16th “Future Start” organized by Consulthink. A charismatic and professional welcome, the engaging notes of the jazz musicians, our professionals ready to answer all the questions and curiosities of our customers, they received the guests who decided to spend an evening with us, in our new headquarters, having a peek at and being intrigued about our innovative and distinctive activities.

Future Start focused on two main themes: Security and Big Data, units of excellence in our company. The security theme was presented with two demos: “BlueBorne” and “Network Forensics”. The first invited guests to discover if their own smartphone was vulnerable or not to BlueBorne, a very dangerous security breach involving any device that has the Bluetooth turned on. Most of the smartphones detected by the demo were vulnerable and our experts explained the consequences of the attacks that could be carried out by exploiting this vulnerability: blocking of the Bluetooth stack, complete impairment of the device and the theft of information and user data. The advice they gave to protect themselves? Keep your device up to date!

The second demo, on the other hand, showed the operation of a Network Forensics solution implemented through open source technologies: thanks to this tool, companies can, in real time analyze network traffic and highlight any anomalies that could indicate hostile activities in progress or in preparation.

The other theme was that of Big Data, which had a space dedicated to it that had the aim of immersing the guest in the amount of data that we produce every second and remind the guest of how essential it is to have a system that can acquire, manage and process such a large amount of data that is constantly increasing. This theme was explored with two videos projected on a loop that explained the evolution of Big Data, as well as a series of counters projected on the walls that illustrated the international daily total of internet traffic taking into account, for example, the messages sent on WhatsApp, tweets published, and e-mails sent. All daily data, constantly increasing, with figures that reach and exceed the billions threshold. Emblematic was a child who entered in the room, who was amazed by these figures. In the room there were also some posts with an application that showed the most significant anti-fraud dashboards among those that our professionals developed over the years. The dashboards presented two solutions to the problem: the first, a reporting dashboard, allows companies, based on their own rules, to identify behaviors that could be anomalous (fraud detection) and start any control procedures. The other, however, thanks to targeted statistical techniques, produces behavioral analysis aimed at preventing fraud (fraud prevention).

With Future Start we wanted to explain our activities, but also share the future, a future that emerges day after day, in reality. A part of our offices, in fact, was dedicated to virtual reality: it was possible to use the available viewers and become an airplane pilot, be on the stage of the Cirque du Soleil, climb a mountain and live many other adventures! An extremely immersive experience that involved and impressed most of the guests. Another interactive and interesting activity, on the other hand, was carried out by the Web Agency “NDV Comunicazione”: framing a company brochure with a smartphone or a tablet, you could see the corporate video in Motion Tracking and 3D graphics and augmented reality elements that illustrated our services. Finally, another room was dedicated to 3D printing with two guys from “Holey“, a startup in the medical field that Consulthink is supporting. The guys of Holey explained how 3D printing works and how with this technology they are changing the medical sector with their orthopedic tutors made in 3D. Holey won numerous awards, including “Best startup at Lazio Innovatore (Regione Lazio, Lazio Innova 2016)” and “Premio Innova S@lute 2017 (ForumPA)”.

The event hosted a lot of guests. Among them there were Poste, INAIL, Ministero dell’Interno, SIAE, WPF, IBM, Fastweb, DXC, Leonardo, but there were many others who joyfully took part in our evening.

An evening planned to the last detail, where guests were free to explore our world, technological developments, discovering the news, living an interactive experience, realizing what is behind what we do every day, technology is always present, and it is going to be always more present, and for this reason protecting your data online is going to be more and more essential. Free to discover, have fun, look around, ask, the guests were also delighted by the delicious food supplied by the catering company, accompanied by the music of the jazz group and were able to visit and experience our new headquarters characterized by spacious, innovative, welcoming offices that inspire us every day to create increasingly effective and efficient solutions for our customers.

Elaborated by Lucia D’Adamo, supervised by Marco Pirrone