15 JAN 2018

Consulthink success in the magazine “World Excellence”, by Editrice Le Fonti

The magazine “World Excellence”, an Italian monthly magazine by Editrice Le Fonti, dedicated a page to Consulthink in its last issue.

World Excellence is a magazine that has become a veritable reference point for companies of excellence in innovation and leadership and seeing our name while leafing through the pages fills us with pride and represents further confirmation of the success we strive towards every day with passion and professionalism. Another important confirmation that our commitment is recognized came on June 22, 2017, in the “Palazzo Mezzanotte”, where the Milan Stock Exchange is located, when we received the “Eccellenza dell’Anno – Innovazione – Servizi ICT & Big Data” (“Excellence of the Year – Innovation – ICT & Big Services”) award of Le Fonti Awards.

The focus of the interview was on Big Data. Editrice Le Fonti asked us why companies are recently so inclined to collect data. The answer is that every day more and more data is produced, and this quantity is going to increase thanks to the contribution of the IoT. But the focus is not just on collecting data, but on how to analyze it quickly and efficiently so that companies can gain a competitive advantage from the information they get. Not only private companies can gain an advantage from the analysis of Big Data, but also public administrations: the information that can be obtained, can lead to the creation of new services for citizens to simplify the relationship between them and the world system. Consulthink specializes in the Big Data field and collaborates with various enterprise customers to develop predictive analytics and fraud management systems.

Another strong point is our Security & Infrastructure business unit. Currently, our challenge is focused on joining together our big data and security skills to be able to predict cyberattacks.

Returning to the Big Data theme, there are many variables involved to be considered: the amount of data is increasing, this data comes from different sources and therefore it is necessary to define the level of data privacy, decide how to access it safely and where to place critical information.

In the interview we also talked about our future plans: to grow further and this growth is to be achieved through collaborations, both with the universities with which we have always collaborated for research projects, and with important multinational companies with the aim of establishing a better reputation in the market as a system integrator. We are going to continue all our projects with the same competence, professionalism, enthusiasm and passion that has always distinguished us.

Below, the full interview in Italian on World Excellence.

Intervita a Consulthink sul mensile World Excellence

Elaborated by Lucia D’Adamo, supervised by Marco Pirrone