10 JAN 2018

CES 2018: Consulthink could not miss the opportunity to see the latest technological innovations!

Techmission 2018

Innovation, it is the engine that develops technology and consequently our world and our daily life. Companies which operate in the IT environment know how important this word is, so, as in the past, Consulthink went to CES – Consumer Electronics Show – 2018 in Las Vegas, taking place in this period (9-12 January).

CES is a very important international fair dedicated to consumer electronics. It occurs annually and presents all technological innovations of the coming months, as well as future trends. Technology enthusiasts, consumers and entrepreneurs visit it to reflect on future investments. For entrepreneurs, visiting the Consumer Electronics Show is a real mission, for this reason the “Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori di Confindustria Lombardia” in collaboration with the American Consulate of Milan, organized the TechMission 2018, a “mission” which is divided into several phases: initially, they will view the electronics innovations proposed by large companies at CES 2018.  The mission will then visit the offices of Amazon, Microsoft and Sensoria, a successful startup founded by Italian entrepreneurs. In addition, entrepreneurs will be invited to discuss what they have seen, to give advice, and make suggestions, keeping in mind possible future collaborations.

CES 2018: the latest technological news

CES 2018 started just 3 days ago and we have already had a lot of news about it. During the first day many new laptops previewed: Acer, Asus presented their computers equipped with graphics cards and latest generation of Intel Core processors. The fans of videogames will be thrilled about this news: Nvidia has designed an extra-large monitor with a diagonal measurement of 65 inches and among the various features, it includes a resolution of 4K, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and full array backlight. A kit of lenses designed for players which uses different monitors aligned to play was also presented: each lens is placed on the sides of the display and, thanks to a trick of lighting, the frame is eliminated from view.

Apparently digital assistants will become our best friends: Amazon with Alexa will be implemented on various PCs equipped with Windows 10; Google with Google Assistant, which has already reached 400 million devices including smartphones, tablets, watches and other accessories; Samsung with Bixby, to be installed on US TVs made in 2018. These televisions will interact with all the smart objects in the house and the TV will become a control tower: using voice commands and by looking at the screen you can let you know for example, who is at the door and which products you have to buy because they aren’t in the refrigerator.

More news: robotic waiters, robotic dogs, modular tvs!

Among the myriad of news, we have L’Oreal presenting a micro-sensor for UV rays to be glued to the finger nails, which informs you about the amount of time spent in the sun, NextVr with a system that allows you to move within a 360 ​​degree film, Samsung with the new TV it is working on, featuring “The Wall” which introduces the concept of modular TV, that is, televisions no longer with predefined dimensions, but televisions whose size adapts to the spaces of your home. The Wall has a huge 146-inch display with tiny inorganic LEDs that consume less and last longer, offering clearer images and brighter colors. Samsung presented many other “smart objects” such as Family Hub, to be launched this year: Family Hub is an intelligent refrigerator which, based on your allergies, the expiration date of food and the eating habits of family members, suggests new recipes. LG presented robots waiters to serve in restaurants and hotels, and robot concierges which will take care of the check-in and check-out of the guests in hotels and will also be able to carry their suitcases, as well as other robots that will help us shop, telling us the prices of products and ticking what we have already taken from the list. Sony is back with the new version of Aibo, the robotic dog that thanks to sensors and camcorders, it is able to interact with the environment.

Of course there were cars that drive themselves, padlocks that open themselves using digital recognition, a mini-bike that connects to a tablet or TV and invites children to ride in order to win the various levels through a series of games. There were even 44 Italian start-ups which presented solutions for car sharing, wearable devices for motorcyclists, instruments dedicated to sick people to make them feel less pain and others dedicated to the blind who could benefit from digital guides. This is just an overview of the many innovations discovered by visiting the various CES 2018 stands.

As every year, therefore, CES 2018 presents what we are going to see in the coming months and the future trends that will soon be a reality.

And Consulthink is following everything carefully to offer you even more innovative services!

We invite you to browse our photo gallery to discover some of the latest technologies presented at CES 2018!

Elaborated by Lucia D’Adamo, supervised by Marco Pirrone