14 MAY 2017

“BS2R – Beyond Social Semantic Recommendation”: the corporate social network

“BS2R – Beyond Social Semantic Recommendation” this project carried out by Consulthink, CRS4 and the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Cagliari. A platform combining a search engine with a corporate social network whose purpose is twofold: to improve communication and knowledge dissemination among employees of one company and to manage the ever-increasing amount of data produced at any given time which companies are now confronted with. More and more, in fact, we are working on the creation of dedicated platforms that do not only support the enterprise in storing data, but through social-semantic algorithms, seek to guarantee both the user’s knowledge and the quality, reliability and expertise of shared materials,.  This “Social Semantic Search Engine” platform on which Consulthink is working, focuses precisely on this.

Its operation is simple: Depending on the searches and behavior that “expert” and “trusted” users perform and exhibit on the web or in document storage, this platform suggests “potentially useful” content. These users, believing that such content is of interest, explicitly or implicitly then pass it on to their contacts with which they may share opinions in a way that facilitates internal business communication. All this is possible thanks to the ability of this platform to exploit the most innovative social and semantic technologies.

Within the company, in order to benefit from this platform, it will not be strictly necessary for employees to join the classic social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter. The platform is designed to pursue clearly confined goals in the business environment: In other words, it can be associated with enterprise and non-global dimensions.

Such a platform, is not rooted in communicative methodologies that find space in the domain of computer supported collaborative work, ie: by computer-assisted cooperative work. The platform allows for overcoming the issues and limits associated with the use of social networks, particularly with regard to access to data under the control of third parties and the cultural disturbances associated with the use of social networks in the business world.

The path to see this project to completion is short. It began in May 2016 and will end on April 30, 2018. Approximately 30% has been accomplished so far.

In the picture, BS2R logo.

Logo del progetto di Consulthink intitolato "BS2R"

Edited by Lucia D’Adamo, supervised by Marco Pirrone

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