13 JUN 2018

Blockchain news: from the food industry to the car one and human resources

In our blog, we spoke about Blockchain several times, the distributed database used for Bitcoin and that can be used in many sectors.

Blockchain is a technology that is constantly expanding, and it is finding new sectors of application. Let’s look at some of the latest Blockchain news, the new areas of use in business from the automotive industry to the food industry and human resources, as well as a smart will made with Blockchain technology and Facebook which is thinking about the launch of its own cryptocurrency.


Blockchain and the automobile industry

This includes self-driving cars, the exchange of information between different cars, and payments at toll booths or service stations made directly by the car via direct online connection. Porsche has been working on a project like this for a while, developing cars whose doors can be opened via app in just 1.6 seconds. The car ride and everything that happens during it is stored in the Blockchain and this record cannot be altered, one of the features of this technology.

Porsche is not the only company thinking about how to take advantage of Blockchain technology in the automobile industry. For this reason, the project “Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (Mobi)”, was launched, a project that involves car companies such as BMW, Ford, Renault and General Motors, and also IT companies and others which are leaders in the Blockchain sector.

It is important, however, that all the car companies involved in the Mobi project create APIs and common standards for all the activities that cars could perform independently, in fact: “If each firm developed its own payment or car sharing system, the model could not work: it would be the Tower of Babel”, said Chris Ballinger, president and CEO of Mobi.


Blockchain and Facebook: Facebook cryptocurrency

Recently, Zuckerberg did not hide his interest in Blockchain technology, but he did not specify where this interest is channeled. On the net, however, there are many theories:

  • Blockchain “distributed register” could be used for safer management of users’ personal data, in fact, the scandal of Cambridge Analytica is well known;
  • The issuing of its own cryptocurrency that could be used to buy services in the social network (for example to sponsor their own posts) or to remunerate the shareholders of the platform.


Blockchain and Made in Italy: Barilla and Perugina are using the Blockchain to monitor the food production chain

Transparency and traceability are features that Blockchain can easily guarantee and this increases consumers’ confidence in Made in Italy food products. There are many food producers who are starting to use this paradigm to certify the quality of their products like Perugina, with its “Baci Perugina” (chocolate pralines with a hazelnut inside) and Barilla, with its pesto. These two companies have decided to exploit this technology to monitor the entire production chain of Baci Perugina and Pesto Barilla: the complete journey that a Bacio Perugina travels before arriving abroad is monitored as well as the growth of the shoot of basil, the sowing, harvesting, and transport to the Barilla plant as well as its transformation into pesto. Nothing escapes the scrutiny of Blockchain technology. In this way the consumer can be sure about what he eats. Barilla has started with pesto, but clearly wants to extend its project, if it will give positive results, to other products.


Blockchain technology to transfer digital resources to heirs: Legado Digital proposal

What happens to your photos, videos, documents, cryptocurrencies, Netflix account and various and other digital content when you pass away? The Spanish company Legado Digital has proposed the possibility of making a will to legally transfer content and digital resources to heirs using Blockchain technology. The company, in fact, assumes that including in the physical will, credentials to log into accounts or into mobile and desktop devices of the missing person is not safe, but by using Blockchain technology, only the heir or the heirs will know this information.

Currently this service is still a beta version, the provider of the technology infrastructure is another Spanish company, Nodalblock, which has a Blockchain Platform as a Service, it means that this platform does not require hardware or software investments or computing resources.


Blockchain for HR: the distributed database could simplify the work of human resources

Applicants could no longer write non-true information about their previous job positions in curricula because all work contracts would be recorded in the various blocks of the distributed database as well as the certifications that professionals obtained. In this way, HRs could verify more easily the applicant’s employment history and skills. The professional experience of a candidate would be constantly updated reducing considerably, the time that HRs need to evaluate applicants’ curricula for a vacancy.

These are only some of the possibilities of uses in the business of Blockchain technology, our world, in fact, evolves constantly and every day there is new Blockchain news, as in many other sectors. Continue to follow us to always be up to date!

Elaborated by Lucia D’Adamo, supervised by Marco Pirrone